Introducing DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) – Made for Glass

I just returned from Google I/O 2014! I have a lot of fun info, photos, & news to share with you on #wearables, #googleglass, #throughglass (a very funny story there to come!) and more Google awesomeness.

25 days ago Engaget (where you will find more announcements from Google I/O 2014) announced “Google’s first fashionable Glass frames are designed by Diane Von Furstenberg“.

2014-06-24 14.45.31

Today I received an email from Google Glass News that there is a celebration (think “launch”) July 28 & 29th 2014 at DVF stores in Boston, Dallas, LA, Miami, and New York where you can try them on, purchase frames and shades.

Stylish Google Glass

Stylish Google Glass

Since everyone can’t make it to these events, you can purchase curated combinations of DVF Made for Glass collection at NET-A-PORTER (check out how interesting this site is – it’s a luxury fashion site – with Google!) Below are the styles featured on the NET-A-PORTER site:

DVF Styles on NET-A-PORTER site

DVF Styles on NET-A-PORTER site

We all know that Google isn’t done designing and developing the features and look on Glass. Although there are companies that have stood on the shoulders of the innovator and giant Google Glass invention that have greatly extended and specialized the basic functionality of Glass for specific business needs, Glass IMHO is keeping things simple for mass adoption. I think that’s smart.

The next post will compare the top companies that have stood on the giant Google’s shoulders and taken “Glass” to new levels.


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