LEO: The Only Wearable that Monitors Your Body’s Biosignals Directly, Translating the Data into Actionable Recommendations

LEO  Fitness Intelligence Informing You of Low Hydration Image

LEO Fitness Intelligence Informing You of Low Hydration Image

Yes, that’s the new buzz word: “Fitness Intelligence” LOL! Kim’s Brain going from “Business Intelligence” to “Fitness Intelligence” – gotta love the parody here!

So I’m an “Indegogo” fan. That’s how I found the Rufus Cuff I can’t wait to get soon. “Indiegogo empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen” states Indegogo itself. The site, https://www.indiegogo.com/ let’s great ideas become reality by running campaigns to fund your products.And it’s no surprise in today’s “wearable life” that’s it’s chock full of wearables.

#LEO goes far beyond FitBit to true intelligence that optimizes your workout & reduce your risk for injury. It integrates biosignal monitoring technology that measures muscle activity, fatigue, heart rate, lactic acid, hydration calories, technique, and more – translating this complex bio-data into straightforward and actionable recommendations & notifies you if something’s not right in real-time (There’s a video at the end of this post).

LEO  Closeup Image

LEO Closeup Image

LEO Optimizing Your Workout Image

LEO Optimizing Your Workout Image

Now are those images above on optimizing your workout way beyond any other fitness wearable? “Muscle Imbalance Detected” – hmm, if I had a LEO, I think I’d be hearing that a lot!

LEO also helps you avoid injury using predictive algorithms to warn about oncoming injuries and suggests ways to avoid them:

LEO Predicting Injury, Suggesting Solution Image

LEO Predicting Injury, Suggesting Solution Image

Here’s what “Fitness Intelligence” is in LEO-terms:

  • “Intelligent Sensing” extracts biosignals from your body, giving you insight into your physiology and performance
  • “Intelligent Feedback” takes this complicated data and translates the data into recommendations & notifications in human terms, while still providing the raw numbers for detailed analysis (love this – my passions combined: wearables, medical devices, and data!)
  • LEO has “Adaptive Learning” that gets to know your workout habits and improves each time you wear it
What is "Fitness Intelligence"?

What is “Fitness Intelligence”?

LEO's Intelligent Sensing Diagram

LEO’s Intelligent Sensing Diagram

Commonplace fitness wearables today track their own movement to estimate what you’re doing. Take your fitness wearable and throw it across the room. Wow! You burned so many calories!

In contrast, LEO monitors you. It has 4 intelligent senses, knowing the difference between being thrown across the room or you running faster than ever before across the room. LEO takes that data and quantifies and analyses everything from technique deficiencies to lactic acid accumulation in your muscles. The following image was taken of LEO’s website, http://leohelps.com/#!/leo-knows-you:

LEO's Unique Features

LEO’s Unique Features

Visiting the site above will give you all the details you need about this awesome new wearable. The bar keeps rising, doesn’t it?

And you can view your “Intelligent Feedback” on your phone:

LEO Data on Your Smartphone Image

LEO Data on Your Smartphone Image

LEO is also easy to wear & comfortable. The fabric is breathable, the sensors are made of conductive fabric (no wires) except the a small circuit board that’s padded for maximum comfort:

LEO-Anatomy Image

LEO-Anatomy Image

The legband has on-board memory in case you forget your phone or don’t want to work out with it. It syncs to the cloud post-workout to get your data. The LEO cloud gives you historical data and analytical tools to track your progress over time. LEO adapts to your unique physiology after each use, using your biosignals as a baseline. It even “learns” from trends in the wider community. As more people use LEO, the better LEO becomes at noticing smaller anomalies in your bio-signals and improper training patterns:

The LEO Cloud Data Image

The LEO Cloud Data Image

So head over to the LEO website to order yours today, or simply read more about this great #wearable!

LEO Video

LEO Video

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