Top 10 Augmented Reality Trends for 2014

Me inside the DAQRI Virtual Flight Attendant AR 4D Experience

Me inside the DAQRI Virtual Flight Attendant AR 4D Experience

Augmented Reality to me means uber-cool, helping industries in amazing ways, and although it’s not expected to really be mass adopted until 2020, whoever isn’t following this mind-blowing technology isn’t looking toward the future.

The image above is of me at the Augmented World Expo 2014 #awe2014 in DAQRI‘s large exhibition hall booth. In one section they had this Virtual Human (to quote DAQRI) “takes 4D to the next level, bringing full-sized photorealistic people to life and providing the ultimate storytelling experience. Virtual Humans pairs intelligent 360-degree image capture technology with 4D, opening the door for truly engaging storytelling and life-size gaming opportunities where virtual characters are as real as the audience.”

So on to the topic of the Top 10 AR Trends for 2014. First of all, let me start by saying that the AR market in 2014 is predicted to grow rapidly. Revenues are expected to hit $5.2 billion by 2017.


  • Wearable Technology: Wonder why I chose that first? LOL Wearables #wearables is a passion of mine (you can read about that in the “About Me” page in this blog). Tech companies like Google, Sony, Samsung, Apple, IEEE, Intel, and so many more are heavily into this space. To get a better idea of what “wearables” are, watch the fun “Wearables Fashion Show” in another post in this blog by clicking on the link in this sentence. I have a stack of topics I want to share with you on this; so many awesome things; so little time! Once I’m done moving, they’ll probably all come at you at once 😉
  • AR in Healthcare: Healthcare is always cutting-edge, & it’s not surprising that the first “WATCHConference” (Conference on the Wearable Technology in Healthcare Society, co-owned by Marlies Schijven) is happening July 25-26 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana at The IU Health Neuroscience Center. The medical sector is one of the biggest adopters of AR & #googleglass because of how much it benefits first responders, surgeons, clinical labs (see my YouTube video driving a robot in a medical lab across the country #throughglass). I’ll leave the details of this to an entire blogpost. In the meantime, watch these 2 videos of using @GoogleGlass both in operating rooms and how it helps “first responders” to an emergency scene (both videos are amateur, taken at “The Glass Class” at #awe2014):

This first video shows how Glass can help tremendously in the OR:

This video (with a heavy British accent) is on how Glass can help first responders – amazing!

  • Car AR: 2014 has seen extensive use of AR in cars. I drive a Ford Fusion and I’ll never drive another car without a computer in it. It helps in driving, and I love my sticker “My Next Car Will Drive Itself”. Google’s self-driving “pod car” is just a tip of the iceberg; this is another topic for a full blog post! Here’s a view of Google’s prototype “pod car”:
A prototype of Google's self-driving car

A prototype of Google’s self-driving car

  • Enterprise AR: I can’t believe how many corporate enterprises are already using AR to greatly improve processes such as in warehouses, security, training, field service and more, generating huge ROI’s. Another topic for a full post. Vuzix is the leader in this category. See my previous post on “Google Glass: Companies that Stood on Google’s Giant Shoulders and Augmented OHMDs“.
  • 4D Content: 4D is here, my friends! DAQRI showed 4D Virtual Humans at the Augmented World Expo 2014 (#AWE2014), which was the coolest thing. Below you’ll find me inside of DAQRI’s 4D Virtual Human “Flight Attendant” who literally reacted to you based on how close you were to her:
Me inside the DAQRI Virtual Flight Attendant AR 4D Experience

Me inside the DAQRI Virtual Flight Attendant AR 4D Experience

Explanation of 4D Virtual Humans

Explanation of 4D Virtual Humans

  • AR in Education: It’s been being developed for quite a while, but now it’s here and will transform how students learn. Several DIY AR projects are being developed for use by students and teachers. Take a look at this short video, showing a true “Harry Potter-like” book as I saw first-hand at #AWE2014 from Popar Toys:

Here is Popar Toy’s YouTube video:

  • Multitouch User Interfaces: We’ve all seen this since the Windows 7 OS came out (which I won a National Competition at Microsoft for), but now it’s brought to you via AR. Take a look at @Metaio’s #Junaio browser!

First, my Windows 7 trophy:

Microsoft Windows 7 Incubation Week Trophy, 7 Months Before Windows 7 Touch was Released to the Public

Microsoft Windows 7 Incubation Week Trophy, 7 Months Before Windows 7 Touch was Released to the Public

Now I’ll add 2 images of @Metaio’s #Juanaio AR Browser at work – amazing, isn’t it?!!

Intel's TShirt from #awe2014 conference booth giveaway viewed through Metaio's Junaio browser

Intel’s TShirt from #awe2014 conference booth giveaway viewed through Metaio’s Junaio browser

Teaching "wearables" to teens, showing Junaio's AR browser,

Teaching “wearables” to teens, showing Junaio’s AR browser,

  • AR in Retail: Again, another full blog post someday, but AR is being used today with apps that help people see interactive products, laying out their homes via AR, picking out clothes, or colors of furniture. Ikea is a prime example of using the power of @Metaio AR to help you choose what best fits in your room, according to your personal tastes. Below is a video of this experience:

AR in Retail also has new mobile and AR services that help companies increase sales significantly. In-store signage and geo-fencing couponing are but two examples. Yes, worth another full blog post. Watch this video to get an idea of how this works:

  • In-Store Customer Engagement: Called “Interactive Shopping Experiences”, @Loop created a process that captures and directs real-time customer input to in-store staff for action and closure. Take a look at this video:





  1. Regarding AR in Healthcare,

    Recently over 100 surgeons and early adopters attended the WATCH Conference, a medical conference about the future of wearable technology in healthcare. Our company presented ContextSurgery and did a live workshop demonstration of our product.

    Here are links to our videos from WATCH Conference 2014.


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