There’s Finally Hope: Flexible Batteries for Wearables

Imprint Energy's Flexible Battery

If any of you have Google Glass, you know that the one thing you wished it had that it does not is more battery power. Wearable technology has many underlying technologies that aren't quite ready for wearables. Typical situation - the main hardware exists long before other necessary parts, including software. The only time I can remember the opposite being true was with Microsoft Kinect. That hardware was so ahead of its day I remember Microsoft asking all their developers at a conference soon after Kinect was launched "to break it, hack it, and make it do stuff" (or something like that!) Wearables use a lot of energy. They also have to have flexible batteries or else wearables like clothing would defeat the entire point. In comes a company in CA called Imprint Energy. They announced a zinc-polymer battery that's very easy to manufacture. So far, the name of the battery is ZincPoly batteries LOL. On top of being very flexible, they're non-toxic! Awesome! Imprint Energy has … [Read more...]

Company “iRobot”‘s Robots

Remember the 1. Roomba? The Roomba was iRobot's best-known invention: a circular vacuum that navigates a room on it's own. It gained a big following of YouTube fans when people captured videos of their cats interacting with them! Below is an image of the Roomba: Here's a YouTube video of the latest Roomba in action at CES 2014: So these might not be Google's robots - big, bad, and awesome, but they're part of the robot revolution nonetheless. The robots get cooler as the post progresses, however. I remember a colleague at a Microsoft DigiGirlz event where Lindsay Lindstrom taught how Roombas worked (they're drawn just like the characters of Blizzard or any other video game, and just as complex in their nature); it was amazing. Roomba has grown up. Below you'll find the 5 major Roomba vacuum models to date & their major differences: iRobot makes robots for the following "verticals", if you will: For the Home For Defense & Security For … [Read more...]