Victor’s Nomination for Me to be a Silverlight MVP

I have known Kim for years now and I do not think I have ever met anyone more passionate about the Microsoft development stack. Further, she has a deep, pure passion for bringing that these technologies to the community. To this day I have never witnessed anyone with more contacts in the Microsoft development community, more knowledge of the inter-workings of the community at large and the ability to make a special community event with nothing more than her love of the technology, Silverlight specifically, and her little black book of “heavy hitters” in the Microsoft development community. It is for these reasons that I asked Kim to volunteer to be the Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup’s (LASLUG) Special Events Coordinator. In her short time with LASLUG she has brought on many new sponsors, setup special events such as our new Online Meeting/Show, and even raised capitol to help fund the initiatives she plans for us. Bringing Kim aboard was the best move I could have made for LASLUG. I think she would make a great Evangelist because she represents everything a Microsoft Evangelist embodies: knowledge of the platform, deep ties and relationships with the community and developers in general, passion for the technology and helping to spread it to anyone who will listen, .NET developers as well as developers from other groups such as Flash and Java. Finally, she is amicable as can be and can speak to anyone on their level and not make them feel intimidated in anyway with her self-effacing humor and love of the Silverlight technology and people in general.

Victor and I at the Last LASLUG Meeting

Victor and I at the Last LASLUG Meeting

I miss you, “V”…

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