Robotic Personal Chef!

Load Food Trays into Cooki and Click! Your Robotic Chef Finishes the Meal

Load Food Trays into Cooki and Click! Your Robotic Chef Finishes the Meal

At CES 2015, Serenti Kitchen introduced Cooki, the closes thing to a robotic chef that cooks healthy food for busy people.

Based on the concept of Keurig, where you buy K-Cups to put in coffee machines, Cooki builds “food pods” you could pick up at the grocery store or have delivered so you don’t even have to cut the veggies!

You first use your smart device to choose from a list of recipes from famous chefs, restaurants, friends, grandmothers, etc. Then you open your refrigerator and get out the trays of fresh,  pre-cut, pre-washed, pre-portioned food and load it into the machine. Tap your smart device and Cooki starts cooking. Each ingredient will be added at the right time & temperature. And a robotic arm above it’s own heating surface cooks until it’s ready to consume.

Watch Cooki at work in the video below:


Watch the evolution of Cooki from prototype to the state it was shown at CES in the video below:


Cooki is now on the well-known Indiegogo site in order to raise capital. The company’s reasons for creating this is that so many Americans are obese, we eat on the run which means unhealthy eating, and microwaved foods are usually not a healthy choice.

Technology and innovation is catching up to the new mobile, busy way of life so we can still be healthy.


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