“Nanobuds” Can Turn Almost Any Surface into a Touch Sensor

To the left is an image of a transparent film that has carbon nanobuds. These nanobuds are molecular tubes of carbon with ball-like appendages that could turn almost any surface, regardless of its shape, into a sensor! The awesome company that came up with this has also come up with really awesome wearable technologies. Visit Canatu's site and you'll be there until your beer is warm without noticing the time you've spent there! So if we "wearable enthusiasts" think about it, this could be the breakthrough we've been waiting for! Imagine adding touch controls to car consoles and dashboards and even bent around something as thin as earbuds so they could be handy for adding buttons to flexible devices. Typical touchscreens are made by overlaying a display screen with a transparent sheet of indium tin oxide. The problem with this is that it's brittle, so it can't be used on anything but flat surfaces. As this technology has developed, they first had a problem with using carbon … [Read more...]

UXSynergy – One of My Startups

Some examples of our work include these "homey, comfortable" sites to host our online meetings: … [Read more...]

The “Mini-Mix11 Conference” at the Microsoft Store

The weekend before MIX11 Conference, I organized from idea to full implementation for these global developer rockstars to speak to local developers at The Microsoft Store. Many can't afford to go, many can't take off work. so the weekend before we left for MIX11, these were the speakers at the store: To see a video of the autographed TShirts we made for MSFT execs, watch this video!!! … [Read more...]

Victor’s Nomination for Me to be a Silverlight MVP

"I have known Kim for years now and I do not think I have ever met anyone more passionate about the Microsoft development stack. Further, she has a deep, pure passion for bringing that these technologies to the community. To this day I have never witnessed anyone with more contacts in the Microsoft development community, more knowledge of the inter-workings of the community at large and the ability to make a special community event with nothing more than her love of the technology, Silverlight specifically, and her little black book of "heavy hitters" in the Microsoft development community. It is for these reasons that I asked Kim to volunteer to be the Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup's (LASLUG) Special Events Coordinator. In her short time with LASLUG she has brought on many new sponsors, setup special events such as our new Online Meeting/Show, and even raised capitol to help fund the initiatives she plans for us. Bringing Kim aboard was the best move I could have made for LASLUG. … [Read more...]

The Silverlight Group Starter Kit

Memories... Here are some screenshots of our CodePlex project "The Silverlight User Group Starter Kit" (right before Silverlight 4 was announced): Note the screen moves to the right or the left, depending on the ribbon navigation items. The Silverlight orb is spinning. Note the man is a shadow... Note, once logged in, the anonymous shadow man comes to life :-) Silverlight animated accordion for printing your badge, getting directions, and purchasing raffle ticket... It's Silverlight, so of course it's animated! Notice the ability to print directions in a few ways... See the presentation slide deck here: http://www.slideshare.net/vnextoc/building-a-realworldsilverlight4v3davidkim-17027862 … [Read more...]

DigiGirlz “Boyfriend Database” for DigiGirlz Slidedeck

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The First DigiGirlz Day Post-Event Video

http://youtu.be/pR-mSg9vijE This video was taken after the first of 7 DigiGirlz events I helped lead in Southern California. The most touching part is between min. 4 - min. 6, where we interview 3 of the girls that were bused in from inner-city LA. Changing lives with technology! … [Read more...]

I’m in the Top 1K (Thousand), #120, in Wearables for 2014

Since I LOVE wearables, this is a great honor to me! … [Read more...]

National Association of Professional Women “Woman of the Year”

The official book with my profile resides in the Library of Congress. NAPW defines success as “owning your own power” • Star Jones, Ivanka Trump, and other celebrities are members • The largest, most-recognized networking organization of professional women in the country, spanning virtually every industry and profession, NAPW is a powerfully vibrant networking community with over 600,000 members and nearly 300 Local Chapters. NAPW members have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and lifestyles with one common bond – their ability to succeed as women in business • NAPW’s mission is to provide an exclusive, highly advanced networking forum to successful women executives, professionals and entrepreneurs where they can aspire, connect and achieve. Through innovative resources, unique tools and progressive benefits, professional women interact, exchange ideas, advance their knowledge and empower each other • They voted me “VIP Woman of the Year” for Technology. The official … [Read more...]

Top 1% Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn

My first LinkedIn Honor! … [Read more...]