Bringing Predictive Data Analytics to the People with

BY FRANK for DATALEADER · JULY 24, 2017 Over the last decade, the term “big data” grew to prominence. The rush was on to create technologies to capture and store vast quantities of data. The focus of many enterprises, both large and small, was on data capture and storage. Now, the rush is on to monetize and exploit these sizable data stores. Companies want to make the right decisions, for the right customers at the precise time to maximize value and minimize risks. In short, businesses need to predict the future by anticipating behaviors and identifying trends, at the individual customer level and at scale across their entire customer base.The company that can achieve all of this before their competition will win the in the marketplace. Companies that don’t capitalize on their data resources by converting them to insights and actions will lose market share, fall behind, and, ultimately, fail. Data: The New Oil In the early 20th century there were hardly any automobiles. Accordingly, … [Read more...]