3D Printing 100x Faster, Inspired by “Terminator 2”, TED Talks

I have an awesome intellectual collaborator named Dr. Don Nagy, CEO at California Computer Research, Inc. located at the University of California, Irvine - where I was in Pre-Med long ago. Don works closely with Dr. Robin Felder, Ph.D. Professor of Pathology, Associate Director of Clinical Chemistry, The University of Virginia and Dr. Jim Earthman Ph.D. at University of California, Ecole Polytechique Federale de Lausanne, Stanford University. Dr. Nagy & I never seem to have enough time to collaborate on the numerous topics of interest we share. We initially met when he approached me when I was a new Google Glass Explorer (2nd round) to consult for he and his colleagues on how Google Glass could be used in teleoperations in diagnostic units in clinical laboratories. I actually had the privilege (& fun!) of driving VGo robots in a clinical lab on the east coast from my home office in sunny California! One of the last topics we talked about was centered around a TED Talk … [Read more...]

Popar Toys

With the upcoming Augmented World Expo (www.augmentedworldexpo.com) 2015, I wanted to quickly share how "Harry Potter-like" AR actually is, a short snippet of a video taken at AWE2014...more to come in the days prior to June 8-10, 2015!   … [Read more...]

“Nanobuds” Can Turn Almost Any Surface into a Touch Sensor

To the left is an image of a transparent film that has carbon nanobuds. These nanobuds are molecular tubes of carbon with ball-like appendages that could turn almost any surface, regardless of its shape, into a sensor! The awesome company that came up with this has also come up with really awesome wearable technologies. Visit Canatu's site and you'll be there until your beer is warm without noticing the time you've spent there! So if we "wearable enthusiasts" think about it, this could be the breakthrough we've been waiting for! Imagine adding touch controls to car consoles and dashboards and even bent around something as thin as earbuds so they could be handy for adding buttons to flexible devices. Typical touchscreens are made by overlaying a display screen with a transparent sheet of indium tin oxide. The problem with this is that it's brittle, so it can't be used on anything but flat surfaces. As this technology has developed, they first had a problem with using carbon … [Read more...]

UXSynergy – One of My Startups

Some examples of our work include these "homey, comfortable" sites to host our online meetings: … [Read more...]

The “Mini-Mix11 Conference” at the Microsoft Store

The weekend before MIX11 Conference, I organized from idea to full implementation for these global developer rockstars to speak to local developers at The Microsoft Store. Many can't afford to go, many can't take off work. so the weekend before we left for MIX11, these were the speakers at the store: To see a video of the autographed TShirts we made for MSFT execs, watch this video!!! … [Read more...]

DigiGirlz “Boyfriend Database” for DigiGirlz Slidedeck

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The First DigiGirlz Day Post-Event Video

http://youtu.be/pR-mSg9vijE This video was taken after the first of 7 DigiGirlz events I helped lead in Southern California. The most touching part is between min. 4 - min. 6, where we interview 3 of the girls that were bused in from inner-city LA. Changing lives with technology! … [Read more...]