Why Use MVVM with Silverlight?

Why Use MVVM with Silverlight? The probability of hearing or reading about the title question of this article if you are either a Silverlight or WPF developer is substantial. However, there are significant problems when searching for a proper answer to this question. To begin with, there are numerous and varied ways in implementing methodologies like MVVM, most of which are used based on personal preference. To a novice trying to educate themselves, this leads to disparity in information. Complicating this factor is that many of the articles or videos that attempt to describe the MVVM pattern also include components of other architectural patterns. This adds unnecessary complexity to understanding the MVVM pattern because of the inconsistencies in the pattern being described. In this article, I will elucidate only the MVVM pattern – nothing more, nothing less. First of all, let me answer the title question succinctly. Silverlight (XAML) and the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: vNext_OC Cross-Platform User Group I Founded

Under the lead of (at the time) global vNext.org User Group started by David J Kelley and Dale Goff, as an Executive Director of that Group I spun off the first sole vNext_OC ("OC" for Orange County, CA) group - the second platform-agnostic & language-agnostic Developer User Group. The video above is an interview done by Crescent Solutions, our very generous host, about the reason for creating this new type of user group. … [Read more...]