Kim Schmidt

Kim Schmidt’s Resumes

Kim Schmidt’s Resumes 

You can view my updated resume here.

Currently open to new, challenging positions.





Below is a “summary” of what I do:

Here is what sets me apart from the competition:

  • I have a broad range of knowledge and experience with many technologies, positions, verticals, and company-types (all within the technology industry)
  • I give order out of chaos in branding, marketing & PR in every single aspect. Give me your chaos and free reign to take your pandemonium and bring order for you. I excel at solving unstructured challenges.
  • I have an extraordinary “need” for daily learning of new technologies. Nothing in the world can suffocate that hunger.
  • I speak equally well to a broad range of people in corporate positions. I have deep worldliness, being just as comfortable speaking to CEO’s, Founders, Presidents, Ambassadors and more at top levels to training with respect less-experienced co-workers.

 My strengths as a Brand Manager/Program Manager include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide inventive and innovative thinking to processes to simplify, improve effectiveness and efficiency having the ability to influence direction on department issues; possess strong decision-making
  • Extremely motivated and detail-oriented individual who is energized by big challenges.
  • Ability to analyze sales data and trends, identifying new business and partnership opportunities alongside global sales teams to build recommendations into overall strategies through identification of visionary new solutions and product concepts for anticipated consumer needs and needs of the industry niches.
  • Develop, field and analyze product and consumer research; assess, improve and optimize ongoing media and campaigns and identify and advocate for new opportunities or improve existing ones.
  • Develop integrated strategies that work to achieve stated goals and provide direction, communication and necessary documentation to all internal and external partners ensuring the product line is recognized as the best by resellers and end users in the industry for value, quality, selection, innovation, features, reliability and ease of use.
  • Provide an inspirational vision for the given product lines that “changes the game” for the market based upon consumer understanding gained in research efforts; identify any gaps and new consumer solutions.
  • Strong analytical, strategic and interpersonal skills; strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Act as liaison between wide range of internal and external clients.
  • Ability to execute on a wide variety of concurrent projects on schedule in a fast paces entrepreneurial environment.
  • Actively organize, coordinate and lead trade show event efforts (both off-site and on-site) to maximize our reach with consumers in engaging and imaginative ways.



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