Company “iRobot”‘s Robots

Remember the 1. Roomba? The Roomba was iRobot's best-known invention: a circular vacuum that navigates a room on it's own. It gained a big following of YouTube fans when people captured videos of their cats interacting with them! Below is an image of the Roomba: Here's a YouTube video of the latest Roomba in action at CES 2014: So these might not be Google's robots - big, bad, and awesome, but they're part of the robot revolution nonetheless. The robots get cooler as the post progresses, however. I remember a colleague at a Microsoft DigiGirlz event where Lindsay Lindstrom taught how Roombas worked (they're drawn just like the characters of Blizzard or any other video game, and just as complex in their nature); it was amazing. Roomba has grown up. Below you'll find the 5 major Roomba vacuum models to date & their major differences: iRobot makes robots for the following "verticals", if you will: For the Home For Defense & Security For … [Read more...]